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Surveillance Software

We're thrilled to present an exhaustive evaluation of today's video surveillance software options. As technology continually advances, safeguarding our environments—be it physical or digital—has never been more critical. Our thorough assessment is designed to assist both individuals and organizations in making well-informed decisions tailored to their specific security requirements.

Surveillance Software

Software for closed-circuit television, commonly referred to as video surveillance software, serves as an essential element in residential security solutions. This software facilitates the monitoring and archiving of video streams from surveillance cameras placed both inside and outside your home. Essentially functioning as the control center for the camera system, it allows you to watch real-time video, review previously recorded footage, and adjust various settings.
Key Features to Consider in Reliable CCTV Software
CCTV software is crucial for bolstering home safety through real-time surveillance and recording features. It enables property owners to monitor their homes, ward off potential trespassers, and collect proof in the event of theft or property damage. Modern versions come with perks like motion sensors and immediate notifications, adding an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

Types of CCTV Software: Basic vs. Advanced
Entry-level CCTV software focuses on essential surveillance and recording functions. In contrast, advanced versions offer extras like facial and license plate recognition and compatibility with other smart home gadgets. Your choice between the two should depend on your unique needs and financial capacity.

Importance of ONVIF Protocol Support

Your selected software should be compatible with the ONVIF protocol to ensure it works with various hardware options. However, beware of vendors making false ONVIF compatibility claims. Do your own research to verify these claims, especially if the software isn't listed in trusted resources as ONVIF-compliant.

User Experience: Simplicity and Intuitiveness
The software's interface should be straightforward so even tech novices can navigate it effortlessly. A clean, intuitive design minimizes the risk of errors and lets you focus on home monitoring instead of wrestling with complicated controls.

Tailor-Made Experiences

Different users have distinct preferences for software layouts. Choose CCTV software that allows interface customization to make the user experience more enjoyable and personalized.

Image and Video Quality

Software with high-definition or ultra-high-definition support is crucial for capturing clear, detailed video footage.

Accessibility on the Go
Look for software with mobile-friendly features, so you can check on your home security remotely whenever you want.

Smart Monitoring Features
Opt for software with motion detection to reduce false alarms and get real-time notifications for genuine security risks. Advanced versions also include video analytics that automatically flag suspicious activities.

Storage and Backup
Consider the software's storage capacity and whether it offers cloud backup as a fail-safe against data loss due to hardware issues or theft.

On-Premises vs. Cloud-Based
On-premises software gives you more control but may lack the convenience of cloud-based options, which allow easier remote access.

Managing Multiple Cameras
Choose software that simplifies the process of configuring and managing multiple cameras, and consider the system's scalability for future expansion.

Versatility in Camera Compatibility
The ideal CCTV software should work with various camera types and brands, allowing you to choose hardware that meets your needs and budget.

Integration with Third-Party Apps
Software that integrates with other applications and devices offers more opportunities for system enhancement and smart home automation.

Advanced Surveillance Features
Software that includes advanced motion tracking and PTZ control allows for dynamic, proactive monitoring.
Innovative Technologies
Facial recognition and object detection are increasingly common in advanced software, acting like a virtual security guard for your property.
A Comprehensive List of Video Surveillance Software

Free Software Solutions

Web Camera Pro
OS: Windows, Android
Features: Client-server software, object detection, facial recognition, user-friendly VMS interface.

OS: Linux
Features: Open source, downloadable here.

OS: Windows
Features: Mobile applications for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Some open-source aspects but largely closed source.

OS: Linux
Features: Lightweight daemon written in C, compatible with TV and web cameras through video4linux and network IP cameras.

OS: Windows, MacOS
Features: Client-server architecture, 256 channels for free, based in China.

OS: Windows, Linux, MacOS
Features: Client-server architecture.

OS: Linux
Features: Open source, based in Belgium.


OS: Linux
Features: Can be installed as a regular application or as a custom build on single-board computers.

OS: Custom (Designed for Home Assistant)
Features: Object detection through artificial intelligence.

OS: Windows
Features: Client-server architecture.
Paid Software Solutions

For those who are looking for a more specialized, feature-rich experience, several paid software options for video management are available. These options usually come with a range of extra capabilities, such as cloud storage, advanced analytics, or better user interface designs.

Revisor VMS
OS: Windows, Android, iOS
Features: Downloadable here, trial version available.

OS: Windows, Linux, Linux/ARM (Raspberry), Mac OS X, iOS, and Android
Features: List of supported cameras available on their website.

A & H Software House
OS: Windows, MacOS
Products: Luxriot VMS & Luxriot EVO
Location: USA

OS: Windows
Features: Downloadable here.
Location: Taiwan

American Dynamics Victor
OS: Windows
Features: Product integration compatibility list available.
Location: USA

OS: Windows
Features: Intelligent Video Cloud Platform
Location: USA

OS: Windows
Features: Avigilon Control Center
Location: USA (Owned by Motorola Solutions)

OS: Windows, Android, iOS
Products: Companion, Camera Station, Guardian
Features: Third-party product compatibility list available.
Location: Sweden

OS: Windows
Features: List of supported cameras available.
Location: USA

Dahua VMS
OS: Windows, Android, iOS
Location: China

Digital Watchdog
OS: Windows, Linux, MacOS
Products: DW Spectrum
Features: Demo version available.

Eagle Eye Networks
OS: Mac, PC, Chromebook, iPad, and Android
Features: Cloud Security Camera VMS, online demo available here.
Location: USA

Freedom Surveillance
OS: Windows, Android
Location: Australia

GeoVision GV-VMS
OS: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS
Location: Taiwan

IDIS Solution Suite
Location: South Korea

IndigoVision Control Center
OS: Windows, Linux, Android, iOS
Features: Request a trial version here
Location: United Kingdom

OS: Windows, iOS
Location: Germany
Milestone XProtect
OS: Windows
Features: Supports a variety of camera brands
Location: Denmark

NetworkOptix nxWitness
OS: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS
Location: Israel

OS: Windows
Location: USA

OpenEye OWS and Radius
OS: Windows, Linux
Location: USA

Products: Digital Sentry, Endura, & VideoXpert
OS: Windows
Location: USA

Synology Surveillance Station
OS: Windows, MacOS
Location: Taiwan

Uniview EZStation
OS: Windows, MacOS
Location: China

Verkada VMS
Location: USA

Vivotek VAST2
OS: Windows, Android, iOS
Location: Taiwan

D-link D-ViewCam
OS: Windows
Features: List of compatible cameras available
Location: China

Hikvision iVMS 4200
OS: Windows, MacOS
Location: China

Vivotek VAST
OS: Windows
Features: 32 channels free for Vivotek camera users
Location: China

Products: IP Visor, IP Surveillance
OS: Windows, Android, iOS

Choosing the right video surveillance software (VSS) is a multi-faceted decision-making process. Given the myriad of individual factors that are unique to each business operation, offering universal advice is nearly impossible. However, there are a few critical tips that apply across the board, and they fall under the "must-have" category.
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