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What is the superior CCTV software? Which Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) is the most user-friendly and straightforward to utilize? What are the most suitable IP cameras to pick for a surveillance system? CCTV Focus features software evaluations, assessments of services, and examination of IP camera vendors.

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Top 10 CCTV software on the market

1. Web Camera Pro: A versatile, C++-based, free software that enables you to utilize any IP or USB camera for comprehensive video surveillance. With global remote access, you can monitor from anywhere worldwide while keeping expenses to a minimum. The software includes a built-in module for intelligent detection, recognizing faces and license plates, and distinguishing between people and pets. It only sends video to your Telegram or mobile app when a person is present in the frame.

2. Blue Iris: Offering a professional-grade experience, Blue Iris is a software that allows you to connect multiple cameras from various brands, seamlessly integrating with smart home devices. Its impressive features include motion detection, email alerts, and audio support, and you can further customize it with third-party plugins.

3. iSpy: An open-source software offering an array of functionalities, including motion detection, audio support, and cloud storage integration. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, it supports multiple cameras, from IP cameras to webcams.

4. Zoneminder: A favored choice among security enthusiasts, Zoneminder is an open-source software known for its advanced features, such as motion detection, event triggers, and alerts. It provides support for various cameras, including IP cameras and webcams.

5. NVR software: Tailored specifically for network video recorders (NVRs), this software efficiently manages and stores video from IP cameras. Key features include remote access, video playback, and event management.

6. Dahua SmartPSS: Provided by Dahua Technology, a renowned surveillance equipment manufacturer, this software supports Dahua cameras and other ONVIF-compliant cameras. It offers features like live viewing, playback, and event management.

7. Synology Surveillance Station: Designed to work seamlessly with Synology NAS devices, this software delivers camera management, event detection, and video playback capabilities.

8. Ivideon: A cloud-based software offering remote access, motion detection, and video recording features. Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices, it supports multiple cameras.

9. Amcrest Surveillance Pro: A professional-grade software specifically designed for Amcrest cameras and other ONVIF-compliant cameras. It offers live viewing, playback, event management, and supports multiple languages.

10. Reolink App & Client: Provided by Reolink, a reputable surveillance equipment manufacturer, this software supports Reolink cameras and other ONVIF-compliant cameras. It provides features like live viewing, playback, and event management.

In conclusion, determining the optimal video surveillance software hinges on your individual requirements and the camera types you utilize. Web Camera Pro stands out as a free and adaptable CCTV solution, boasting advanced functionalities like face and license plate recognition. On the other hand, alternatives such as Blue Iris offer their own distinctive features and capabilities.